If you’re reading this, likely, something in your business isn’t working for you.

Maunica Lifestyle Management® business coaching

Whether you need to get your existing business on the right track, kickstart a new business, or move in a new direction, you’re in the right place.

  • Do you need more clarity and direction?
  • Do you lack customer service and communication skills, as well as professionalism?
  • Are you overwhelmed by choices or underwhelmed by a lack of them?

There could be many different reasons why you may have chosen to seek assistance now. But, no matter the reason, we’ll explore problem areas and ways you may feel stuck together. Let Monica help!

• Annual business turnover of 6 figures

• 95% of my business comes from referrals. Not from marketing, online reviews, or a significant Social Media presence.

• 6 years in the Concierge and Organization Industries and over 20 years in the Cleaning Industry

• I grew my business from 1 to 10 employees in less than 3 years

• Constantly innovating and evolving to ensure continued business growth

• Helping others has been and always will be a lifelong passion of mine

Why should you work with me:

Business Coaching



Existing Business – Needs a little help $500

A 2-hour Coaching session: Connect with me virtually for an in-depth coaching session tailored to your business needs. 

  • Address pain points, ask questions, and receive actionable insights.
  • Receive a detailed follow-up email summarizing the key action points discussed during our session for your reference.


Degree Review

Business Start-Up or Existing Business Audit $1000

A 4-hour Coaching session: Dive into a comprehensive virtual coaching session covering various aspects of your business.

You can receive advice on the following topics:
  • Business Formation
  • Establishing Business Credit
  • POS Systems & Business Systems
  • Pricing
  • Insurance
  • Customer Service, Communication skills, Professionalism
  • Having multiple services & income streams
  • Searching/obtaining a SMM or how to run your SM Accounts
  • How to run consultations
  • How to quote 
  • Where to source products, including trade discounts
  • Advertising and Marketing (online + traditional)
  • How to hire the right employees and pay them

Receive a thorough audit and detailed feedback on your current processes, website, and social media presence. Plus, a 1 hour follow-up session for any additional questions. 


with Monica

Spend the day with me $2000

Spend 8 hours with me Virtually or In-person: We can delve into any topics from Packages 1 or 2. Whether it's discussions, role-playing scenarios, system setups, or launching your new business -i've got you covered! Lunch is on me!

  • The sky is the limit! You have 8 hours of undivided attention to receive personalized guidance and support in any area you need help with. Let's collaborate to overcome challenges and strategize for your business's success.

**Tax and Legal advice will not be given.

COACHING feedback:

  • I worked with Monica on issues that included the current state of my business, my business vision, and what was blocking my path to success. Monica is easy to work with, a good listener, and very candid.

  • Monica was a tremendous help in that she gave me an outsider’s perspective  on my business. As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to love your business idea so much that you shy away from giving yourself an honest and critical assessment of your goals, and having an outside opinion is essential to success. Her vision-based approach to coaching really helped me re-focus my energy and time. Entrepreneurship can be daunting at times, and she helped me find ways to regain balance in my life.

  • Because of our work together, I have a clearer idea of what direction I would like to take my business. I’m a ‘big picture’ type of person, and Monica was so helpful because she helped me think about what steps specifically I would have to take to make my ideas a reality. That was really the biggest benefit for me both in business and personally.

  • Monica will help you take your business to the next level! I feel so much more confident and energized about my entrepreneurial spirit and goals, and that has made a great difference not only in my business but in my personal life as well.