We are Charlotte’s premier Lifestyle Management firm,    delivering: 
personal assistance,
organization, and cleaning services.


Maunica Lifestyle Management®, Inc., is a full-service Luxury Concierge. 

Maunica Lifestyle Management®, Inc.'s, mission is to give you more freedom and flexibility to do what’s most important to you. By taking care of things that don’t have to be done by you, we give you space in your days for what matters most – your family, friends, hobbies, travel, and volunteering. Things that often get the short end of the stick when life feels crammed and crazy.

Our core values are those traits that we place in the highest regard. If one of these were missing, we would not be Maunica Lifestyle Management. Together, they are the heartbeat of our company.


You should be enjoying life, not constantly maintaining it.

Let Maunica Lifestyle Management take care of the things that keep you from enjoying and savoring the precious gift of time.

We understand when you chose Maunica Lifestyle Management, you put your trust in us. We value your confidence and your privacy and do not take them lightly. Confidentiality is vital and is set forth in the Privacy Policy, which is located on our website.


Our Mission & Values

We know that every assignment, big or small, is essential to you. Therefore, you can count on us to handle all of your tasks for you.  We get thorough instructions from you and do our best to ensure those instructions are followed thoroughly, efficiently, and promptly every time.


Hospitality is the heartbeat of Maunica Lifestyle Management. We consider you a part of our family. We are honored by and value your presence and  want you to feel welcome. We want to provide you with the appropriate care, respect, and attention at every opportunity.


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Established in 2017, Maunica Lifestyle Management®, Inc., was founded by Monica S. Hood, a proud Charlotte native known for effortlessly forming connections and friendships with everyone she meets. Monica's vibrant and enthusiastic personality, coupled with her zest for life, shines through in her work. Her integrity and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to all fortunate enough to cross paths with her. 

Monica's own experiences of the time crunch that plagues many of her clients led her to establish MLM.  She intimately understands the constant struggle of having so much to accomplish and never enough time to do it all. Monica has consistently been the go-to person for others, finding genuine satisfaction in making people's lives more manageable and enjoyable.